Create Master HD Seed on Offline Seed Generator with Binary Entropy

  1. Gather the necessary hardware:

  2. Power up the Rudefox Burrow Offline Seed Generator

  3. Enter the following command and press [Enter] to initiate seed generation

    burrow mnemonic -i2b 256
  4. Go through 8 iterations of coin tosses (or dice rolls) and seed word recording & verification as follows:

    1. Generate a sequence of 33 random 1's and 0's, by either:

      • Tossing a fair coin 33 times
      • Rolling 6-sided, casino-grade dice 33 times and using a 1 for an even roll and a 0 for an odd roll
    2. Enter the resulting sequence of 1's and 0's into the Offline Seed Generator (no spaces) and press [Enter]

      Input 33 coin tosses [0-1]: 011111101001100001100011101110000
    3. Record the binary and seed words in the verification table

      For example, if the screen shows:

      | 0 111111 0100 | 1 100001 1000 | 1 110111 0000 |
      |  1. leader    |  2. seek      |  3. unlock    |

      …then record the following in the worksheet:

      Completed Row 1 Example

      • Note: It is fine to leave the 'Dice roll' line blank, as this line applies only to the '8-sided dice' entropy generation method.
    4. Use the binary-to-seed-word lookup-tables to verify translation of each of the 3 groups of 11 binary digits into its corresponding seed word

      1. Use the first of the 11 bits (box shaded red) to determine which of the 2 "Binary to Word - Lookup Tables" to use

      2. Use the next 6 bits (boxes shaded green) to determine which row of the table contains the seed word

      3. Use the last 4 bits (boxes shaded blue) to determine which column of the table contains the seed word

      4. Match the table word to the word you copied onto the worksheet

  5. Write down your 24 seed words (Recovery Phrase), on waterproof paper, using a Sharpie

    • Write it in 6 rows, with 4 words in each row
    • Include the word number before each word
    • Beware of homonyms or similar words
    • Leave some room at the bottom of the page for notes
    • Afterward, go back through all 24 words, and look at each character in the words to make sure you got them right
    • Never, EVER enter your Recovery Phrase into a connected device… UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! If a device is connected to a network, it can be hacked and even a copy of your Recovery Phrase that is stored only on that device will be stolen.
  6. On the waterproof paper page, under the Recover Phrase, write:

    Generated on [date] using Rudefox Burrow according to the BIP-39 standard