Create an Electrum Wallet from an Account Extended Public Key (xPub) (~5 min)

  1. Launch Electrum Wallet

  2. Verify that Electrum successfully connects to your node

    Electrum Connected

    • Green or Blue (not Red) dot in lower-right
    • Balance shown in lower-left (instead of an error message)
  3. Press Crtl + N or select File > New/Restore from the menu to launch the Electrum Install Wizard

  4. Name the wallet cold_wallet or something similar to indicate that this wallet

    • is watch-only
    • contains your cold-storage funds (as opposed to online or hot-wallet funds)
      Wallet Name
  5. Click Next

  6. Select the Standard wallet option and click Next
    Wallet Import

  7. Select the Use a master key option and click Next
    Wallet Import

  8. Enter the Account Extended Public Key in the text box and click Next

    • Note that you also have the option of displaying the key in the form of QR code on your Burrow device and scanning it using your laptop, by clicking on the camera icon in the text box in Electrum (though I have found that this often does not work)

    Wallet zPub

  9. Create a password for the wallet and click Next

    • This password is optional and is there to protect your Account Extended Public Key (and any private, transaction-related data you choose to enter into Electrum) from those with access to your desktop. Since you are not entering your private keys or seed words into Electrum, opting out of a password or compromising on Password Strength here is more of a concession on privacy than on the security of your funds.

    Wallet Password

  10. Electrum will alert you to the fact that the wallet you have just created is "watching-only". Click OK.

The addresses shown in the Addresses tab of Electrum should match those generated by Burrow during the Account Key Generation procedure.

Wallet Addresses