Create an Electrum Wallet for the COLDCARD using a MicroSD Card (~12 min)

Create the Wallet

  1. Export an Electrum Wallet from COLDCARD

    1. Connect the COLDCARD to a microUSB adapter (plugged into A/C - NOT your computer)

    2. Enter the Prefix PIN, verify the 2 anti-phishing words shown on the screen and enter the rest of the PIN

    3. Insert a microSD card into the COLDCARD

    4. On the COLDCARD, select Advanced > MicroSD Card > Export Wallet > Electrum Wallet

    5. Scroll down (using 8) to read the message and press [CHECK]

    6. Select the Native Segwit address type (to specify the m/84'/0'/0' derivation path for the account)

      • COLDCARD will write an Electrum wallet file to the microSD card and provide you with the filename (e.g. new-wallet.json)

      • Take a note of the wallet filename so that you can find it when you open the microSD card on a computer during the next step

  2. Save the wallet file to a permanent location on your desktop

    1. Eject the microSD card from the COLDCARD and insert it into your computer

    2. Open the microSD card folder and copy the wallet file exported by the COLDCARD

    3. Paste it into a folder on your computer (e.g. Documents)

      • The folder that Electrum uses to store your wallet files by default is C:\Users\[WINDOWS_USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Electrum\wallets. You might want to keep it there for the sake of organization, but the Documents folder will work just as well.
    4. Rename the file to a more meaningful name, like coldcard_wallet or something similar to indicate that this wallet

      • is watch-only but has the ability to connect to your COLDCARD for signing transactions

      • contains your cold-storage funds (as opposed to online or hot-wallet funds)

      • IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on how your computer is configured, you may or may not see a .json ending to the filename. If you do not see it, then disregard this note, but if you do see it, be sure to preserve the .json when you rename the file, so that it winds up looking similar to coldcard_wallet.json.

  3. Open the Exported Wallet using Electrum

    1. Launch Electrum Wallet

    2. Verify that Electrum successfully connects to your node

      Electrum Connected

      • Green or Blue (not Red) dot in lower-right
      • Balance shown in lower-left (instead of an error message)
    3. Press Ctrl + O or select File > Open from the menu

    4. In the Select your wallet file dialog, browse to folder in which you saved your wallet file in Step 2 and select the wallet file

    5. When Electrum prompts you to insert your COLDCARD, verify the Master Fingerprint and click No

      Electrum Insert COLDCARD

Verify COLDCARD Wallet Parameters

  1. Click on the COLDCARD icon in the lower-right and verify the Master Fingerprint of your wallet (seed words) against what you wrote on your backup sheet

    • Click No when prompted to attempt connection to the COLDCARD

    COLDCARD Wallet Fingerprint

  2. Select Wallet > Information from the menu and verify that the Master Public Key matches the one previously generated by the Burrow device (first/last few characters)

    COLDCARD Wallet Public Key